The Iconic Speaker Network Member Jerry Roisentul: Mastering the Mindset for Visionary Leadership


In the sun-soaked city of La Quinta, California, a beacon of mindset empowerment and visionary leadership emerges in the form of Jerry Roisentul. More than just a speaker, Jerry is a captivating and engaging force, dedicated to unraveling the potent force of mindset within your organization.


In the last decade, Jerry has traveled globally, training thousands to identify and eliminate mindset obstacles that hinder potential. His firsthand experience with deep pain and hardship, including a period of profound depression, allows him to connect empathetically with audiences, creating soul-level engagement.


Professionally, Jerry is a successful entrepreneur, having built a network marketing business over 13 years. As a John Maxwell certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer, he brings humor, fun, and interaction to every presentation. His Champions Summit Event, "The Mindset of Leadership," has impacted audiences across the United States and internationally.


Jerry's journey from personal struggles to triumph underscores his belief that mindset is the most powerful tool. He authored the bestselling book, "Don't Let Doubt Take You Out," offering winning strategies for managing doubt, overcoming fear, building confidence, and creating an unstoppable life.


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